"May we be one"  Jn 17


This page will have documented Eucharist Miracles.  For now meditate on the above picture from simple adoration chapel as our everyday miracle.


1.  Definition of "miracle" is "that which does not conform to conservation of matter (MATHer), which is conservation of physics math drawn reality."  This is short form said: "Miracles are what violate conservation of Math Physics."   Eucharist Miracles exist as animated miracles God draws for the proof of Holy Communion.

Yet everyday there is the unseen miracle of Holy Communion true body and blood of our Lord during the celebration of Mass.  This page will focus on SEEN MIRACLES, MIRACLES ABLE TO BE SCIENTIFICALLY STUDIED AND PROVEN TRUE, such as LANCIANO.

2.  Definition of Trans-substantiation is "movement (taking away) of bread substance, and movement (adding in its place) Body and Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Trans means "change," "alteration" as in the word "Transit."   It does not mean "Alchemy"!   The bread is not changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus, the bread is removed and the Body and Blood of Jesus is put there drawn by God in place of the bread.  That is known as EUCHARIST MIRACLE.  It cannot be "consubstantiation" in the sense of "equal density of bread and Body and Blood of Jesus retained" because Math forbids double density!   There has to be some "change" in the amount of bread, and some "change" adding there in its place the Body and Blood of Jesus. Yet, "consubstantiation" almost seems accurate it the normal daily Eucharist because there is seen only bread, and Body and Blood is not there seen and not scientifically provable, it is instead known on faith and scripture proofs.  This page will have those scriptures.  For here let it be said, "consubstantiation" cannot exist, there must be some amount of Body and Blood, yet unseen, that God put into the Hosts, each Eucharist Host has that Presence of the Lord, true Body and Blood.  Yet unseen.  And not detectable.  Or it is "double density" of bread and Body and Blood overlapping type physics that cannot exist.  Consubstantation is hoax.  Trans-substantiation is the more accurate term.

3. Miracle will cease to exist at the Resurrection of the dead, when God MAKES CONSERVATION OF MATH EARTH, often called "The new heaven and new earth" is the Bible.  Once the fullness of time is reached, and God makes MATH REALITY NEW EARTH, persons will not need nor see miracles to establish faith. They will not have miracles.  That is in the Bible.  Further, there will not be carnivores on CONSERVATION OF MATH (MATTER) EARTH, the new earth has only herbivores, and that is proven by Jesus in Scripture where the Holy Bible tells us "the animals will cease to prey on other animals, and with a Child to guide them, the animals, including lions will eat hay (grass) as does the oxen.  They will not harm one another, rather they will as herbivores, including the Child (Jesus!), will live side by side daily, not devouring one another."  Most of you probably remember that Scripture passage from Christmass readings where the Child is foretold to end the devouring of animals, and Lion and Calf will live side by side both eating hay (grass).  Therefore numerous Protestants had problems with Holy Eucharist being the PHYSICAL BODY AND BLOOD, REAL FLESH AND BLOOD OF OUR LORD, JESUS.  Martin Luther believed the true Body and Blood of Jesus exists present at the moment of consecration of the Host, yet then vanishes when the Host is being handed to the public communicants!  He was wrong!  But Luther proves that Protestants have problems with eating the Flesh and Blood of Our Lord.   And it is hard to understand how a Child Jesus who one day will not eat meat on The New Earth, where animals will lay side by side with him all eating only plants, fruits, vegetables, while today that Child Jesus is being handed to the communicants to be eaten in EUCHARIST MIRACLES HOLY COMMUNION each and every Mass Celebration!  Protestants see this as form of cannibalism, and they do not partake of Eucharist.  Whereas, most Catholic Saints had EUCHARIST MIRACLES, AND EUCHARIST COMMUNION AS THEIR GIFTS AND PRIMARY EMPHASIS OF FAITH, ADORATION, LOVE, DEVOTION.   True Catholic Worship focuses primarily on (a) Ten Commands and (b) EUCHARIST HOLY COMMUNION.  See Fancesco Forgione Padre Pio's prayer that longs for Holy Communion as his special gift from the Lord, and to be saved by that Holy Communion.  Read his web page.  How then do we reconcile "the Child will lay side by side with the lion and the calf, all eating only plants" with a same Jesus who offers us in Gospel of John that "unless you eat of my true flesh, you do not have life everlasting within you."  The Catholic mystics emphasize the "Bridegroom Wedding To The Communicants (Saints)" were in Mt 19 we read "the two shall become one flesh" when married to each other!  I tried over the years to emphasize the nuptial nature of Holy Eucharist Communions, as "nuptial (marital) love making commingling with the Body and Blood of Jesus our Lord."  I PRAYED THIS PRAYER OFTEN DAILY: "Lord Jesus (Yeshua) please fill my every cell with Your True Body and Blood with Holy Communion. May we be one, brought to perfect union. May we be one flesh, married, in true Eucharist nuptial communion.  I long to receive you anew today in Holy Communion, and to remain one with you each moment of my life.  Jesus I trust in You."  The Sisters of the Precious Blood Monestary in Manchester handed me a prayer card: "O Jesus, cover me with Your Most Precious Blood every instant of my life."  I read it: "Yeshua (Jesus) fill me with Your Most Precious Blood in my every cell and for every instant of my life."

4.  Confirming the above, we know on faith and thought that animals did not eat one another in the Garden Of Eden, which was as Paradise.  We know on thought (math calculation natural law principles we call "thinking") that God has to rationally create (design and then animate) each creature, each and all species of creation history.  We can be certain that as in Eden, God first decided to make only herbivores (plant eaters), and the sources of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals in plants (what herbivores eat) is enough to sustain large creatures including herbivore Dinosaurs!  Today many of the largest animals are still herbivores, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Bulls, Moose, and Horses included!   Man is made to eat primate diet of what was eaten in the Garden Of Eden only plants called "fruits and vegetables," and that is also provable on Genesis 9 with the Covenant made with Noah that man be steward, not unnecessary killing animals to obtain sources of protein that could be obtained from eating fruits and vegetables!  Noah and his children did not eat the animals on the ARK!  They preserves life, not harmed living creatures!  They were commanded to live as Adam and Eve did in the Garden Of Eden and make a new start on Mount Ararat. Genesis 9.  We know on thought that God has to rationally design all creatures, and the first thing is they have to (a) not risk their own lives to find energy sources (food), (b) not risk the life of other creatures in trying to find energy sources (food).  That is why God Originally designed Garden Of Eden had only PLANT EATERS that do not risk their own lives, nor take other lives.  On Math earth, often called in the Bible "the new heaven and new earth," their will be only Herbivores.  As in the beginning.  Jesus then will be plant eater, exclusively an herbivore, when Creation History Math Earth (new heaven and new earth) also often called Paradise is made.  Rev.   How then do we reconcile Plant Eating Jesus with the Holy Eucharist?  I said it above, the Eucharist Body and Blood is nuptial (marital), and the scriptures tell of the "Bridegroom (Jesus) marrying his people," "and the two shall become as one flesh," "unless you eat my true Body and Blood, you do not have life within you."  The act of eating is not as relevant as the act of COMMUNION (co-mingling) His flesh with our flesh.  Holy Communion is the wedding of the King to his communicants.  Yet if when real Earth, Paradise, is made ("the new heaven and new earth" of conservation of math, on which there are no miracles allowed in order to conservation electron math) will there still be Eucharist in us?  The wedding of the Lamb continues after death -- at least until Conservation Of Math Earth is Created.  Some long, long time in the future. The Bible tells us the Wedding Of The Lamb, our Holy Communion, continues until at least such time as the new heaven and new earth are created.  Rev.  Why focus on this?  Well, because some of the Eucharist Miracles you will see photographs of and read about on this page look HUMAN FLESH AND BLOOD SACRED HEART TISSUE.  And some saints in history have been made to eat hosts bleeding, hosts that became drawn human heart tissue, Yeshua (Jesus) Sacred Heart tissue bleeding in the shape of host, yet its appearance and feel was CARNIVORE, almost CANNIBALISM.  I have seen photographed an Asian mystic who regularly has the host changed to bleeding human sacred heart tissue, real human flesh of Jesus!  She eats what feels and tastes as human flesh.  It is gross.  And it is real.  Those are real miracles.  Bleeding hosts are one thing, I can eat that.   Yet hosts changed into real bleeding HUMAN HEART tissue of Jesus is another thing.  I would eat if it happened to me, but I do not like the imagery of it.  Nor would I want the taste and feel of human flesh, Sacred Heart, in my mouth.  THAT IS WHY MOST EUCHARIST CELEBRATIONS HAVE WHAT LOOKS AS BREAD, AND TASTES AS BREAD.  Our everyday eucharist miracles.  

Jesus does not like us eating his true flesh and blood under any other appearance than bread and wine.  That gives us some insight into Our Lord's conscience.  Herbivore.  But He needs to prove it is his true flesh and blood and MAKES MIRACLES OF HOSTS CHANGED TO HIS HEART TISSUE AND BLOOD TYPE, for building up doctrine and faith.



The "bread of Life" Jesus promised to give is similar (made analogous to) physical eating bread that God gave miraculous to Moses and the Hebrews in Exodus community.

The "bread of Life" Jesus promised to give is "eternal life when we eat it," and it remains in us.  He said the "bread of Life" is His "true Body and Blood."



Jesus instituted the Eucharist on the Last Supper, and he said it was "His true Body and Blood," the "bread" He was sent to give us which is our life within us.


Luke reads the same way, "The Covenant in His blood is the eating and drinking of Eucharist Bread and Cup of Salvation."



The Passover Bread Of Life Celebration, called Last Supper, was concluded with prayer of Jesus that reveals His intent that His Crucifixion and love offering Communion of His Body and Blood in the eating and drinking of the "bread" and drinking of the "cup" was to "CONSECRATE WE THE PEOPLE IN TRUTH, MAKE A MORE PERFECT UNION."  It is a Governmental type language we still use today when speaking of CONSTITUTIONAL UNION.  He wants us to be ONE PEOPLE by the BREAKING OF THE BREAD.  We read this is Jn 17, and it also should be read with Mt 19 about "marriage wherein the two become one union of flesh," "life together of flesh communion."   A more perfect union.



"two become one flesh" marital (nuptial) communion life together.


The wedding of the Lamb is repeat throughout Scripture and is in Revelations as the emphasis of our Salvation.  Yet interesting is the references to the Wedding Union of the Saints with Jesus (Yeshua) in same reference of "The New Heaven and New Earth in which the sea (water, fluidity, miracles against Natural Law Conservation Of Matter) will be no more."  See Rev 21.


See Old Testament foretelling New Covenant in Blood of "I will marry My people."


Saint Paul and the Apostles each obeyed the Lord and continued the Last Supper ordained Mass Celebrations of Eucharist Communion we read in Scripture 1 Corinthians 23-34.




Research from other pages write the following about 4 miracles I ask each of you to research with me:


In the city of Lanciano, Italy, around the year 700 of Our Lord there was a priest of the order of St. Basil who, though learned in the sciences of the world, was ignorant in ways of God, and was not strong in his faith. He was plagued by a doubt as to whether the consecrated Host was truly the Body of Christ, and the consecrated wine truly His Blood. He had difficulty believing in the mystery of transubstantiation (the miraculous changing of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ). One morning, as he was celebrating Mass, he had already said the most holy words of consecration ("This is My Body..., This is my Blood..."), as Jesus had taught it to his Apostles, his doubts and errors weighed upon him more heavily than ever. By a most singular and marvelous grace, he saw the Bread changed into Flesh and the wine into Blood.
Frightened and confused by such a great and stupendous Miracle, he stood quite a while as if in a divine ecstasy; but eventually, his fear gave way to the spiritual happiness that filled his soul, and he turned his joyful yet tearful face to those around him, exclaiming "...Behold the Flesh and the blood of our Most Beloved Christ."
At those words, the bystanders ran to the altar and began, with tears, to cry for mercy. The faithful, who, having become witnesses themselves, spread the news throughout the entire city.
Today twelve centuries after the miraculous occurrence it remains intact, a sustained miracle! Upon a superficial examination, the Host of Flesh, which is still in one piece and has retained the dimensions of the original "Large Host", has a fibrous appearance and a brown color, which becomes light-reddish if one places a light in the back of the Ostensorium.
The blood, contained in the chalice, has an earthly color, inclined toward the yellow of ocher, and consists of five coagulated globules. Each of the parts is uneven in shape and size, and when weighed together, the total weight is equal to that of each piece.
The actual spot of the miracle is located beneath the present day tabernacle of the Church of St. Francis. The Miracle Itself is preserved in the second tabernacle, which is found in the high altar. The Host, now changed to Flesh, is contained in a silver Monstrance. The wine, now changed to Blood, is contained in a crystal chalice.
Official Position of the Catholic Church
Local Church and Vatican official have authenticated the Eucharistic miracle on many occasions since the middle ages. In 1672, Pope Clement X declared the altar of the Eucharistic Miracle a privileged altar on all Mondays of the year. In 1887, the Archbishop of Lanciano obtained from Pope Leo XIII a plenary indulgence in perpetuity to those who visit the Church of the Miracle during the eight days preceding the annual feast day, which falls on the last Sunday in October.
Scientific Studies
A rigorous scientific analysis was performed in 1970-71 by Professor Dr. Odorardo, University Professor in anatomy and pathological histology and in chemistry and clinical microscopy, Head Physician of the United Hospitals of Arezzo. Prof. Linoli was assisted by Prof. Dr. Ruggero Bertelli, a Professor Emeritus of anatomy at the University of Siena.
The research done on the fragments of the Blood and the Flesh yielded the following results:
The Blood of the Eucharistic Miracle is real blood and the Flesh is real flesh.
The Flesh consists of the muscular tissue of the myocardium (heart wall).
The Blood and the Flesh belong to the human species.
The blood type is identical in the Blood and in the Flesh, type AB.
The proteins in the blood are in the same proportions as those found in normal fresh blood.
There is no trace whatsoever of any materials or agents used for preservation of flesh or blood.

Science, when called to testify, has confirmed what we have believed in Faith and what the Catholic Church has taught for the last 2,000 years; echoing the words of Christ, "My Flesh is real food; my Blood real drink. Whoever eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood dwells continually in Me and I dwell in him."-John 6:56-57

During an overnight prayer meeting in Naju on November 24, 2009 commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis's visit to Naju and his witnessing two miraculous descents of the Eucharist on the same day, the Blessed Mother instructed Julia to visit Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis. On February 26, 2010, Julia Kim together with Fr. Aloysius Chang and a few volunteer helpers made a trip to Rome. She was also carrying with her the Eucharist that had bled on October 16, 2006 as well as the messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother on October 15 and 16, 2006 for the Holy Father.
When Julia and her companions visited Archbishop Bulaitis on February 27, 2010, His Excellency asked Julia what her plan was for the trip. Julia answered that she would only obey the Archbishop regarding what she was to do in Rome. The Archbishop said that he had heard from the Blessed Mother while he was praying two days earlier that Julia will tell something for him. The Archbishop also told Julia that the Blessed Mother had said, "Last time (on November 24, 1994), you received the Eucharist from Julia; this time, you give her the Eucharist." The Archbishop continued, "Let's have the Sunday Mass tomorrow in the chapel here in my official residence."
From 10 a.m. on February 28, Archbishop Bulaitis and Fr. Aloysius Chang concelebrated the Mass. During the Communion, the Archbishop gave Julia the Sacred Host intincted in the Precious Blood in the chalice. While Julia was meditating, she called one of the helpers and opened her mouth. The helper was surprised and asked the Archbishop to come closer. The Archbishop saw that the Eucharist was changing into visible flesh and blood on her tongue. He was startled and asked the four Sisters who were also at the Mass to come and see.
Fresh blood was covering the Eucharist, and, at the same time, the Eucharist was becoming larger. A while later, some blood was seen in the little space between the Eucharist and Julia's tongue. The Archbishop observed every change in the Eucharist without turning his eyes away from the Eucharist even once, as, through this miracle, the inner reality of the Eucharist, which is the Real Presence of the living and breathing Jesus with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity normally hidden behind the species of bread and wine, was being revealed. The Archbishop instructed Julia to swallow the Eucharist. Julia was wishing that the Eucharist would be preserved, but promptly obeyed the Archbishop's instruction.
The Archbishop then poured some water into the ciborium and asked Julia to drink it. After she drank the water, the Archbishop examined the inside of her mouth to see if there were any wounds. Then, the Archbishop wiped the inside of Julia's mouth with a purificator (linen), but did not see any blood on the purificator. All these steps taken by the Archbishop must have been the most proper and thoughtful procedures as a shepherd in the Church for a clear and authentic discernment of whether the sign he observed was of a supernatural origin or not.
Three extraordinary miracles of the Eucharist – Santarem, Amsterdam & Offida



The miracle of the Eucharist in Santarem, Portugal (1225) -An ongoing miracle
Around the year 1225 there was a woman living in Santarem, who was very unhappy with her marriage. She was convinced that her husband did not love her, and was unfaithful. She initially tried numerous things to win back the affection of her husband, but to no avail. As a desperate last attempt, she went to a sorceress. The sorceress promised the wife that her husband would return to his loving ways, if the wife would bring her a Consecrated Host.

This of course greatly frightened the woman, because she knew it was sacrilege, but nevertheless she finally gave in. She went to Mass at the Church of St. Steven, and received Communion, but did not consume the Host. Instead, she left the Church immediately, and took the Host out of her mouth, putting It into her veil. She then went to the sorceress.

Along the way, the Host began to bleed inside the veil. The wife was not aware of it until passersby brought it to her attention, thinking she herself was bleeding. Panic struck the woman and instead of going to the sorceress’ house, she rushed home. She then put the bloody veil containing the Host into the bottom of a trunk, not knowing what else to do. When her husband came home, she said nothing.

Later in the night they were awakened by mysterious bright rays of light coming from the trunk, penetrating the wood and illuminating the entire room. The wife then confessed her sin to her husband and both of them knelt in adoration for the remaining hours until dawn, when the parish priest was summoned.

News of the mysterious event spread quickly and attracted countless people who wanted to contemplate the miracle. Because of the furor, an episcopal Church investigation was promptly organized.

A miracle upon a miracle
The bloody Host was taken in procession to the Church of St. Stephen, where it was encased in wax (to contain the blood and the Host) and secured in the tabernacle. Some time later when the tabernacle was opened, another miracle was discovered. The wax that had encased the Host was found broken into pieces, and the Host was found miraculously enclosed in a crystal pyx, along with the precious Blood. This was later placed in a gold and silver pear-shaped monstrance with a "sunburst" of 33 rays, in which it is still contained today.

After the investigation and approval by the Church authorities, the Church of St. Stephen was renamed "The Church of the Holy Miracle." The little house where the miracle occurred was on Via delle Stuoie in Santarem.

From the time of the miracle until now, every year, on the Second Sunday of April, the incident is re-enacted by local actors. The actual Eucharistic Miracle is processed from the house, which was converted into a Chapel in 1684, to the Church. Miraculously, after 750 years, the precious blood still remains in liquid form, defying the natural laws of science. The Host is somewhat irregularly shaped, resembling real flesh with delicate veins running from top to bottom, where a quantity of blood is collected in the crystal.