Intro: Insurance Is Inflation. Insurance is not a right. Insurance results in inflated prices/costs (sin). Health care is a right. A system that takes care of the poor, but does not require insurance is the only moral option.

Intro 2: In 2002 a doctor said to me, “I think you should try this new medicine, it costs $25,000.00 per year. But you have insurance, so that will cover the costs.” I eventually won that case in 814 NE2d 393 and was found not to need medication. At present (see images) I am taking a monthly injection, Abilify Maintainer, which costs you the tax payers in excess of $1,900.00 per month! I did that to prove I was taking medication. The oral medication is much cheaper. It is the same story each time, the health care providers all say: “But you have insurance, and that will cover the costs.” How did we get here? Why are prices out of control, resulting in more push for more and more “insurance”?



Insurance is not a right. Health care is a right.

If we start a free market, supply/demand, philosophy, we would expect an honest market to produce fair value pricing for health care, and a rational supply and demand for medical services. Instead, we see today, people go to the doctor for every little sickness and injury, while at the same time, medical procedures and medications have skyrocketed in pricing. There is and overpricing and over prescribing of medications such as opiates (opioids). I recently had a minor medical outpatient procedure done on a small absess. The PA said, “Do you want me to prescribe pain killer medication.” I said, “No.” I did not need pain killing medication. Other medications can also cost $25,000.00 per year (see above) and routinely $1,900.00 per month (see above). When we introduced “insurance” into the equation, there was no longer “free market” economics! Insurance, Patents, and Medical Monopolies, along with doctor collusional pricing, all lead to INFLATION IN MEDICINE.

In short, there are a number of forces that increase inflation, insurance is not the least of them. But health care is certainly not fully a “free market” arena, because people do not decide to become ill. The demand for health care is not driven by “free decision making,” rather from unwanted illnesses! There are also problems with scarcity of resources on the medical supply end. INSURANCE COMPOUNDS THE PROBLEMS. It leads to out of control prices, and over-demand for medical services. Further, as the prices increase, or certain procedures become “covered by more and more insurance,” the cycle perpetuates itself into more and more demand for insurance coverages. Some of the other factors include, but are not limited to the following:

A) Doctors collude to set prices above free market rates. (Because they know insurance will pay for it.)

B) Patented medications and medical device inventions result in over priced medicines and procedures. (Because they know insurance will pay for it.)

C) Medical malpractice suits & settlements became more prevalent. (Because they know insurance will pay for it.)

If we adopt the premise that insurance is not a right, but health care is a right, we need to combat the above factors! Because we do not decide to become ill, health care is not a free will luxury type item. Yet while there are medicines and medical procedures that are not basic needs, and should not be covered by insurance since they are luxury or exorbitant medical treatments, most believe that a person has a right to “basic healthcare.” What constitute “basic minimally required health care” also depends on certain pro-life factors:

A) Scarcity of resources

B) Preference for unborn child.

C) Preference for young before elderly.

D) Preference for innocent before criminals.

A fair market would produce the above “preferences.” That would be an “economy of love.”

On the other end, a “Single Payer System” would politically pervert the above process, and would make Government run decisions on scarcity of resources not what honest persons would morally find acceptable. For example, old Bernie Sanders and his elderly colleagues might vote for a “Single Payer System” that puts elderly patients above the medical needs of younger patients, which is immoral!

Another factor that is the identical problem of insurance, is TAXES! Whether taxes provide the insurance, or private persons or companies provide the insurance, it is still “insurance.” The effect on the market inflation will be the same, only worse with taxes. As soon a Bernie Sanders and his elderly colleagues see that Taxes may “supply insurance' for medical procedures, the cost of those procedures will increase. Then Bernie and his colleagues will propose “Single Payer and GOVERNMENT DECIDED PRICING!” They will be tempted, and are already, to have GOVERNMENT DECIDING ALL PRICES AND PROCEDURES, INSTEAD OF HONEST MORAL PERSONS IN A FREE MARKET.

While at the same time, Bernie and his colleagues will be tempted, and are already, to push for TAXES TO PAY FOR ALL LUXURY OR OTHERWISE EXORBITANT EXCESSIVE TYPE MEDICINES OR MEDICAL PROCEDURES.

To pay for that system, Bernie and his colleagues, will be tempted to “GOVERNMENT MANDATE MEDICAL INSURANCE PAYMENTS FROM EVERY PERSON,” and Judge Roberts will call it “TAX.” It is known as “OBAMACARE”! It is immoral.

Insurance leads to sin, and taxes for that insurance is taxes to pay for sin. First of all, inflated pricing is theft. It is sin. It is crime. Organized Obamacare criminal racketeering!

1) We can see that taxes/insurance resulted in medications and procedures widely prescribed or used that otherwise would not be purchased or not afforded. It is often said now in confession that “WE ARE AN OVERLY MEDICATED SOCIETY.” (Because of insurance as taxes.)

2) Fire insurance results in more arsons.

3) Life insurance results in more murders.

4) Car insurance results in more “casual” driving, thus more accidents, excessive use of gas and increased harm to the environment.

6) Jury verdicts increase as INSURANCE or TAXES are made available for payment of those jury verdicts. We have an over-litigious society in many ways, while GOVERNMENT PROTECTS IMMORAL ACTORS WHO SOLD ABORTION (ABORTIFACIENTS) AS “CONTRACEPTIVES.”

Government is a bad arbiter of what should be covered or what taxes should provide. It is immoral. It is Taxation without HONEST REPRESENTATION! An honest love economy would never allow taxes or coerced payments for what violates the conscience of millions of Americans. It ceased to be a moral government when its politics and radical ideologies (often called “progressives”) believed that taxes could be used for sin! And we let them do it.

This is just a brief outline of cause and effect of insurance and taxes on health care.  It was written in summary form. 






Bonus Song To "American Faith"

Missed Opportunities

Live in each moment, take advantage of this time.
All my forgotten songs, and thoughts that did not rhyme.
The past has moved onward, the future yet unseen.
Make the most of each opportunity.

“Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”
“Inalienable” as “created” is when we are at our best.
“These truths self-evident” is when we passed the test.
A day to live and die for is when we were blessed.

Live in each moment, be light for this time.
Stay in the song that history will chime.
The script will be written, the days come to end,
Only then a beginning, for us it will begin.

Chorus: 4 times.
No more missed opportunities.
No more missed opportunities.

No more war without moral purpose.
No more riots without truth to guide us.
If we export sin, we will not win.
But remain in real “right” then we will win the fight.
Remember the mistakes of the past,
Only then our land will stand and last.

Who hides a lantern under a basket at night?
Who runs away when it is time to stand and fight?
Who turns the cheek when it is a child's life!
Who holds the keys to drive this nation right?

Who climbed the mountain and stood there before?
Who will remember “Bush v. Gore”?
But remember the burning ember that did not consume
The tree that gave commands to sing our tune!

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