This article was verbose and not well written.  The main points are good theologically:  God is not Infinite, God must have definite size and Name Shape Round; and God animations creatures.  God animates all motion and thoughts.

However the writing is poor trying to make those points.  You can each think it through and write it better than I did.


by Brian Fusonie, Esq.
for Yeshu's Birthday Feast Christmass 2013

It is often said that "God is Infinite," when math prevents anything from being infinite. The word "Nature" is the word "Mat(h)ure" (Math), and for something to exist it must have definite math (nature) size and shape. The term "infinite" does not have definite math size and shape. "Infinite" cannot be "Nature", it is math impossible for God to exist as something that has no definite size and shape. God is therefore Finite. God has definite "finite" size and shape in order to have existence. God's Nature (Mathure) must conform to Natural (Mathural) Law.

God is Large, yet has definite Finite Being. God Exists.

What further we can know about God's definite Nature, often called God's Natural Law Name Shape, is that God Exists Self sufficient, not needing entropy. God has energy source that is contained within God's Self, and is God's Self, and God does not need outside source of energy, heat, nor does God lose any energy, heat. God exists self sufficient AT CONSTANT ENERGY HEAT, we call that "EQUILIBRIUM CONSTANT DENSITY," a definite Natural Law principle to describe God's Nature (Math). It is therefore able to be concluded that GOD IS ROUND, having definite finite shape of what Geometry Size and Shape exists when ENTROPY IS NOT NEEDED, NO HEAT IS GAINED, NO HEAT IS LOST, GOD'S GRAVITATIONAL BEING SELF SUFFICIENT CONTAINS AND IS GOD'S ENERGY. When no heat is lost, the Name Shape must be ROUND. A definite Geometry that has SELF SUFFICIENT GRAVITATIONAL PULL, wherein no heat is gained, no heat is lost! God Exists as GIANT ROUND ANGEL!

For God to have that Nature of Self Contained Heat (Energy, Entropy), GOD MUST HAVE FINITE DEFINITE GEOMETRY: ROUND, EXACT MATH SIZE.

If we knew the Math Entropy of God, WE COULD MATH CALCULATE GOD'S EXACT SIZE.


God Exists, of finite substance that exists, God's Natural Law property proves God is made of some finite substance, particular energy, that obeys exact science math Natural Law electro-MAGNETIC GRAVITATIONAL pull property that makes God, and keeps God daily EXISTENCE.

We can prove God is made of electromagnetic particular substance that existed as primordial dust before God, and always must exist in Order that GOD WAS CREATED IN THE BEGINNING FROM IT, THAT GOD HAVE DEFINITE ENTROPY NATURE (MATH). Example: GOD HAS ABILITY TO STORE THOUGHTS AS MEMORIES. In order for living Being to (a) HAVE THOUGHT, and (b) STORE THOSE THOUGHTS AS RECORDED MEMORIES, there must be some ability to RECORD THOSE MEMORIES AS ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SPECTRUM, as if on the Video Tape Of God's Own FINITE BEING ENTROPY. If God was not made of particular matter that exists, which has electromagnetic properties, GOD WOULD NOT EXIST AND WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO RECORD GOD'S MEMORIES IN GOD'S MIND. There must be some method (Mathod) of God's Being ability to RECORD THOUGHTS. Nothing exists as pure thought. Often in history persons tried to identify God as "living Thought Being, made only of thought." It was heresy. The fact is MATH PREVENTS THOUGHT BEING THE NATURE OF GOD. Thought exists because of some other particular matter NATURE MATH that searches itself, and records what it observes. GOD HAS DEFINITE NATURE, MATH. The idea of "God is thought" cannot exist because it has no definite nature and no finite size, and no ability to hold entropy (heat, energy), and no ability to record memories. God has DEFINITE ELECTROSTATIC GRID, the Nature Of God is GOD IS MADE OF AN ELECTRICAL GRID THAT SEES ITSELF, KNOWS ITS SIZE AND FINITE ABILITIES, AND RECORDS ALL ITS OBSERVATIONS OF ITSELF IN ELECTRICAL GRID SPECTRUM, SIMILAR TO VIDEO RECORDING USED ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM NATURAL LAW PRINCIPLES.

The idea that "God is thought," was proved wrong! Yet the reason persons may have tried to say "God is thought" is based on the real truth that "GOD EXISTED ALONE, AND HAD TO CREATE IN WAY GOD COULD CREATE, DRAW (See Drawn On Water) IMAGERY WITH HER ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RESONANCE ABILITIES OF HER MIND, AND DESCRIBE AS WRITING WHAT THE DESIGNED AND DRAWN (ANIMATED) CREATURES (CREATION HISTORY) WOULD THINK, ACT, FEEL, REMEMBER, DO. In this truth, "GOD IS THE ANIMATOR OF ALL THOUGHTS AND MOVEMENTS OF CREATURES (CREATION HISTORY)." God is not thought, God has thoughts. And with God's thoughts, God decided to animate CREATURES. God's thought (MIND) animates all the thoughts of each creature. We have no thoughts if God failed to think for us! We have simulated free will, we are drawn to exist! God makes us in God's Mind. And as long as God continues to think us into drawn existence as animated creatures, then we continue to exist. We are creatures God must continually animate (draw) for us to have daily existence. If God stopped thinking us into existence, we would vanish.

From the above we can know that (a) GOD CAN DRAW, (b) GOD CAN DESCRIBE (WRITE) FEELS of each creature on God's Magnetic Nature Being Mind.

Simple proof that God describes (daily writes) our feelings, senses, is the fact that FOR GOD TO EXIST GOD MUST HAVE CONSTANT EQUILIBRIUM HEAT DENSITY, no heat gained, no heat lost. A MATCH, FIRE STICK, COULD KILL GOD, AND THE STARS IN THE SKY IF THEY EXISTED FOR REAL AS PHYSICAL REALITIES INSTEAD OF DRAWN REALITIES, THE STARS HEAT, OR THE SUN'S HEAT FOR THAT MATTER, WOULD KILL GOD'S ENTROPY. Heat makes God as Self Contained heat equilibrium. If heat was added to God, God would cease to exist!

Then how do we feel the Sun's warmth on our skin? If the Sun's heat would actually kill God if God was able to actually physically, instead draw, the Sun, how can we feel the Solar Heat on our skin? THE ANSWER IS "GOD DRAWS." The Sun is drawing of God, and the Heat effects are drawn scientifically by God causing skin sun tan. While the heat we "feel" is WRITTEN TO OUR MIND. God must draw the effects of heat, yet God must describe (WRITE) the feeling of heat! We can conclude therefore we are DRAWN CREATURES, IN A WRITTEN WORLD, A SCRIPTED UNIVERSE, WITH GOD AS ITS AUTHOR.

What further we can conclude is that God's Round Television screen has definite power grid imagery and writing quadrants, of EXACT SYMMETRY, EXACT DENSITY, much as a television screen as exact pixels by which the images are made on the screen. The Round Exact Symmetry of God enables God to draw exact and fast!
God sees all of God's quadrant pixels, GOD KNOWS ALL OF GOD'S BEING. GOD SEES GOD'S SELF, EACH PIXEL IS EXACT KNOWN LOCATION AND PART OF GOD'S WORKING MIND. God sees all God is drawing, easily. Because God is Round, God can see all of each drawn room, each scene. God knows exactly what your eyes would see, and God then draws that to your eyes. WE SEE BECAUSE GOD DRAWS WHAT OUR EYES WOULD SEE. God is the AUTHOR of all we see (God draws), and the AUTHOR of all we sense feel (God writes, describes).


There cannot be overlapping Gods. Only One can exist having SELF CONTAINED ENTROPY. If God were to encounter another Angel, which does not exist, the LARGER ANGEL, THE ONE WITH MOST GRAVITATIONAL DENSITY (HEAT) WOULD DEVOUR THE SMALLER ANGEL. It would be ripped apart by the Gravity of the Larger Electrical Being. WHEREFORE, THERE CAN EXIST ONLY ONE GOD. There cannot exist multiple ANGELS.

How then do we understand "THE WORD ETERNAL," OR "JESUS." WHEN THERE CAN EXIST ONLY ONE GOD, HAVING CONSTANT DEFINITE NAME SHAPE NOT SUBJECT TO ALTERATION, NOT ABLE TO BE CHANGED! The answer is in my audio and text page ON WATER.htm. JESUS EXISTS CREATED IN THE MIND OF GOD AS ANIMATED "SON." God was alone, as Natural Law concludes, and God wanted not to be alone! God wanted "others," and God has to create those others, including Jesus, by ANIMATION PRINCIPLES. GOD THINKS WHAT JESUS HAS AS THOUGHTS. GOD DRAWS WHAT JESUS HAS AS ACTIONS. In Jn 1 and Jn 17 we read that fact, JESUS EXISTS DRAWN BY GOD, and we exist in that same way. I discuss that in the audio Drawn On Water 2013. WHEREFORE THE TERM "Incarnation" IS OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD AND IS INACCURATE WHEN THE CONSTANT NATURE NAME SHAPE OF GOD PREVENTS GOD HAVING ANY CHANGE IN GOD'S ORIGINAL NATURE. God draws Jesus. Jesus is the Word Son of God animated as creature, who God then drew "became flesh" as the manGod Jesus. The term "God" applied to the Word Son, or Jesus, cannot be actual "incarnation," rather "identification" whereby God decided to DRAW WHAT GOD WOULD THINK, SAY, AND DO IF ABLE TO BE AMONG US! AND THAT DRAWN CREATURE GOD CALLED "GOD'S SON," "THE WORD ABOUT GOD'S SELF SHOWING WHAT GOD WOULD DO IF ABLE TO BE MAN."

Proof of this, JESUS CLAIMED TO BE CREATURE (CREATED), having no self existence of his own. HE SAID: "I (Jesus) EXIST BECAUSE OF THE FATHER." He did not claim to be deity Nature. He did not therein claim to exist of himself. HE CONFESSED HE IS CREATED (CREATURE). And Jesus taught that we each "are in the same way created by th Father." None of us have existence of ourself, we must be daily created by God. Jesus said that about himself also!
And Jesus prayed to the Father to do things Jesus asked the Father to do, unable to himself (Jesus) draw those miracles! Jesus is creature, yet in special identificational relationship with the FATHER, a special role, called "ONLY SON OF THE FATHER," the one who "WOULD SHOW US THE FATHER" AS IF THE FATHER COULD BE AMONG US AS MAN!

Jesus is human. He did not have full knowledge that God the Father only has. Jesus had the amount of knowledge God wrote for Jesus to have in special relationship, yet Jesus in the Bible is human, not OMNISCIENT. Jesus is not God Self, rather Jesus is WORD ABOUT GOD'S SELF, a WRITING "SON" ABOUT WHAT GOD WANTED JESUS TO SAY AND DO.

There is another cult that misunderstands Jesus claim to be "The Light," "The Light Of The World." That cult often calls God "Light Being," and Jesus "light made," which are heresies!

The truth is God creates with the electromagnetic spectrum called "light," on pixels of God's exact symmetry Being Mind. Jesus would be "drawn by light on pixels in God's Mind," to create Jesus. Same as God draws all creatures with "light on the pixels of God's Mind." God draws. Jesus is not Light! Jesus poetic referenced the term "light" as "TRUTH BEARER, ONE WHO SHOWS THE RIGHT PATH DURING AN ERA OF DARKNESS AND STANDS OUT AS IF LIGHTED CANDLE."


That will help us Understand the Nature Of Jesus better also as "THE WORD DRAWN FLESH AS MAN."

This is a basic summary, a beginning to understanding the Magnetic Nature Of God. I pray Yeshu (Jesus) is pleased, and I offer it as gift for His Birthday Celebration we call CHRISTMAS.

Brian Fusonie, December 2013


This page has a few attempted corrections.

I had titled this "THE VOICE OF JOHN", about which I am sorry because it was not written clear enough. 

"Make Straight The Way Of The Lord"


These reference the "law of physics, Creation history symbol" shown at the top of my web page ON WATER.htm
That symbol(s), will be shorthand typed in this text as "1/1" and "M/W" and "Olo". What is important to this text is the fact that evil persons have misused those symbols to make "mirror oppositing games," or "positive and negative" "plus 1, minus 1" schemes and artifices to negate the will of God. This text in brief exposes those tactics, and makes their correction back to positive law, God's real will.

1. The first thing necessary, which the Vatican has begun to do when it told us to no longer use the name "yahweh (yaw/way) in recent years, and that should be done, it is necessary to eliminate all "double, mirror type names," such as "AB/BA", "YAW/WAY." Some are literal spelling negatives as "AB""BA" (ABBA), some of sound phonetic negatives as "YAW""WAY" (YAHWEH). The satanists like double words that negative the Name of God or Law of God. They make "Yin/Yang" type bible texts altered to pretend they have negated God, or negated the scriptures meaning. Therefore, instead of saying "ABBA", we should say "AB." "Father."

2. That said, it is also important to revere and worship the Maternal Nature Of God. The fertility of God is God's ability to animation Creation History within God's Self, within God's Giant Round Being, not outside of God's Body. The fertility of woman is womb, inside her body cavity. The fertility of man is outside of his body, it goes into the womb of the woman. Therefore, the FERTILITY CREATIVE POTENTIAL OF GOD TO ANIMATE CREATION HISTORY IS INSIDE GOD'S BODY, and thus is more MATERNAL in Nature. While Yeshua (Jesus) calls God "FATHER," and should, it is also important to recognize and worship that God is "neither male, nor female," and HAS MATERNAL TYPE NATURE IN CREATING. Her ANGLE BEING creative potential is more as maternal (womb, inside her body), than masculine.

3. Jesus claimed to be the "Word (W, W-ord, dro-W) of God," and the Creation History symbol discussed in Drawn On Water, M/w, 1/1, O/o, shows the Name in Hebrew of Yeshua (Jesus) "W", "laW" "jeW", and in ANIMATION THEOLOGY it proves Jesus is Word made flesh by identification agreement called Covenant of the Person, whereby God said: "THIS IS MY SON." In that decision, God ordained to draw the Word first, then draw the Word made flesh as Yeshua (Jesus) with the agreement that God would ANIMATION GOD'S SON AS IF FREE WILL OTHER PERSON: "SON OF GOD." God cannot truly become something else, nor therefore can God truly become flesh, ONLY BY ANIMATION AGREEMENT TO DRAW THE WORD MADE FLESH ACTING AS GOD WOULD ACT AMONG US. This is about the understanding of the word "incarnate." God's substance cannot change, yet God can draw Word become flesh acting "as God would act," thus showing us the way of God. Incarnation in this sense is "INCARNATION AGREEMENT," and it exposes that Yeshua's (Jesus') free will simulated at times is as God (What God would do) and at times human (what would human being Son of God say and do). He shows us what God would say and do, and yet he retains his humanity and shows us what human being person would say and do. The substance of God, God's actual Name Shape Natural Law Being, is at exact symetry, equilibrium density, no change, and cannot be made into something else! God the Father cannot actually be human flesh, yet He can make AGREEMENT to draw His Son obey and teach "as if God the Father was visibly present among us!"       CLARIFICATION:   I did not mean to say that Jesus (Yeshua) has two persons, He is singular person (God-man).  (Diety human). Jesus is God Mind, God thinking in the Person of Jesus.   His thoughts are God's thoughts.  His mind is God's mind.  He is God in that way, Incarnate Mind of God.  Yeshua (Jesus) is the only God-man.  The sentence "Jesus had free will simulated at times as if God, and times as if human" merely means that at times Jesus acts and speaks as God (Omniscient), and at times as God-human (not fully Omniscient) who is tested and must obey the Father -- the God-man who was tested and did not fail in order to become our Redeemer on the Cross.  Jesus asked: "Father why have you abandoned me?"  The question of "why?" shows Jesus on the Cross is not Omniscient.  He was God-man, asking Our Father for an answer of "Why did the Father abandon Him?" 

                           EXPLANATION:   God the Father makes and agreement to treat Jesus as HIS FLESH, yet God cannot actually change God's substance (essence).  God cannot become something different than what God is.   God can make an agreement (Body Contract) that Jesus (Yeshua) is God's Son and Flesh, giving Jesus a singular unique Covenant: "This is my only begotten Son."  The Eucharist is that Agreement, God made flesh among us Who we eat to receive and have the Life of the Son in us.  It is a Contract.  The Eucharist is God by that Agreement (Covenant).  Sometimes it is written "God assumed human flesh," that would be inaccurate.   God cannot draw God Self, nor can God alchemy into flesh; which is why the word "God assumed flesh" (took on human flesh) is better than "alchemy" (change of substance). Yet "assumed" misses the point that it is a Body Contract agreement "God will treat Yeshua (Jesus) as if God's own Flesh and Blood."  The Eucharist is God because God made an Agreement the Eucharist hosts are God's flesh.  Jesus is God by Covenant, not by alchemy.   Yes, God "assumes" human flesh by Agreement, not by alchemy.  

                                                        The Eucharist is truly Jesus (Yeshua's) Body and Blood.  See Eucharist Miracles. 

4. Similar to the altering doubling of God's name in "positive/negative" imagery discussed above, another tactic of satanists is to double with positive and negative phrasings of the Ten Commands. The example I use is Exodus 20 and its negative opposite Exodus 21. Exodus 20 reads POSITIVE LAW: "YOU SHALL NOT TREAT PERSONS AS SLAVES. YOU SHALL WORK THEM ONLY 6 DAYS, AND ON THE 7th DAY LET THEM HAVE DAY OF REST." Ex 20. The evil opposite mirror game of it involved word game of "yom" meaning "day" or in texts "year," whereby the satanist lodge did alter Exodus 20 to read "allows slavery" in its mirror game text Exodus 21, which reads altering day to "year": "Slave persons (buy Hebrew slaves) for 6 years and on the 7th year set them free." IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE BIBLE COUNCIL TO ERASE FROM THE BIBLE ALL THOSE "negative" TEXTS!

5. Another similar tactic the satanic lodge did to alter the Bible is to "negative Bible passages or Bible Histories about persons," as they did to Elijah's real history. The example of Elijah is easy to prove, because Bible stories continually have biblical heroes call to God to send down wrath.  Solar flares (Joshua for example also) are whirlwind from the Sun heat that causes massive evaporation (droughts, famines) and that water evaporated must come back down to earth as floods! And the heat causes the earth plate tectonics to heat up and this causes earthquakes. And the heat whirlwinds from SOLAR FLARES cause whirlwind hurricanes, tornadoes on the earth. Abraham and Moses called on that power! Joshua did. Yet satanists wanting you not to fear the God of Creation altered it to have Elijah "riding up in whirlwind chariot of fire." Instead of calling down whirlwind of fire from the sun that destroyed the baalites false priests!, which actually happened, see real Biblical teachings, that history has now been altered in Bible printers to negative Elijah's real prayer power and life, and to hide the God that punishes with NATURAL DISASTERS CAUSED BY SOLAR FLARES GOD DRAWS AT EARTH!   A Bible Council is needed to right side up Bible Histories of its heroes.

                     CORRECTION:  It is possible Elijah rode up in a whirlwind.  Most likely the text had Elijah foretelling Natural Disaster type punishment (wrath) of God against the baalites. The point I was making is that histories in the Bible have been negated with mirror opposite altered texts.   Or they have been altered by literalism misinterpretation such as "Samson slew the enemy with the jawbone" -- a phrase we say today "jawbone of a jackass" about public speaking.   It is unlikely Samson slew hundreds or thousand of the enemy Philistines armed only with "jawbone". More likely it was a colloquial expression that was literally translated into the story of Samson. Judges 15.  "Coming upon the fresh jawbone of an ass, he reached out, grasped it, and with it killed a thousand men."  No doubt Samson had God's strength and protection.  It may be that Samson slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass.  The story, however, seems to possibly include a colloquial expression. Another example of a possible misinterpretation is that Lott's wife turned into a "pillar of salt."  Maybe God did turn Lott's wife into salt.  Possibly it is the colloquial expression Lott and his wife remained "pillars of salt" in the land.  As to Elijah, I resolve now to believe he rode up in a whirlwind also. And I resolve to obey the Scripture that Lott's wife was turned into salt -- because I cannot prove it was colloquial expression: "She became a pillar of salt."

6. The satanists also made numerous altered texts about Yeshua (Jesus), His life, and His example, His words, and His teachings. They tried to make multiple different Jesuses, contradicting His real life. Bible Council is needed to right side up and correct all teachings about the Life and Words of Yeshua (Jesus).

7. It should be taught and returned to all Catechisms that "GOD ANIMATES ALL THOUGHTS AND MOTION." "GOD CREATES BY DESIGNING AND ANIMATIONING SIMULATED FREE WILL CREATURES." It used to be in Catechisms that "God animates all." The true Nature of God must be taught.

8. The true nature of Eucharist Miracles must be taught, God animations those! It can be proven that in history God has altered Eucharist Hosts to have the flesh and blood type of Yeshua (Jesus), in the same way as the blood on the Shroud will test to be Yeshua's (Jesus). It is proof of the Eucharist. It is animated miracles. There was debate in history and Councils of the Church as Trent whether the term of the animated miracle called Eucharist is "transubstantiation" or "consubstantiation." If the term "transubstantiation" means "trans" "change" "alchemy" then it is wrong. If the term "trans-substantiation" means "movement" "substitute in place" "bread removed and Christ's flesh put there in its place" then that is correct.

9. Children are all sinless at conception. A more accurate understanding of the Mariologist's teaching of "Immaculate Conception" must be made to teach that ALL CHILDREN ARE IMMACULATE AT CONCEPTUS (CONCEPTION). ALL CHILDREN ARE CREATED EQUALLY SINLESS! What therefore do we understand Lourdes and Rue de Bac apparitional Mary claiming to be "Immaculate Conception" or "Conceived Without Sin," when all children are equally immaculate and sinless at conception. It must have to do with the design or the special relationship Mary would have with God. The Vatican teaches it has to do with Original Sin effects, not actual stain of sin on the children when conceived. It has to do with proximity and familial friendship, special favors, that Mary would have.

10. The Rosary should be taught and prayed, daily. Often. It is meditation on the Life of Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary, and the Apostles, the Eucharist, Charisms. It at the same time teaches praise, and petitioning.